Welcome to Dandee Lines Kennel !! - Breeders of quality Labrador retrievers


Welcome to Dandee Lines!

We are located between Jackson and Portsmouth, Ohio, on a beautiful, quiet farm setting with many country acres in the hills of southern Ohio. Our goal is to produce pups with excellent health, temperament and conformation. We are constantly striving to improve the quality of our lines. It is our love for dogs and a lifelong passion that helped create Dandee Lines. We have been reputable breeders for decades, and take great pride in the puppies that we produce.


English and American Labradors

While there is only one breed of dog known as the Labrador retriever, which has a universal standard from AKC (see www.thelabradorclub.com/standard/officalstandard.html), there are some significant variations in body style which have come to be known as an 'American' style versus an 'English' style. The 'American' style label is often applied  to a labrador that is taller with lighter bone structure, a less dense coat, and has a narrower head with a longer nose. The 'English' style, on the other hand, is generally stockier, heavier of bone and coat, with shorter legs. Their heads are often described as "blocky" or "square." Temperamentally, it is said that the 'American' style dogs do better in the field because of the extra ground they can cover with their longer legs and their higher energy levels. The 'English' style dogs are said to do better in the show ring. The titles are, however, virtually meaningless, because of the greatly varying presentations/appearances of the dogs as well as the average person's perception of what these labels mean!

 We at Dandee Lines have both the 'American' and 'English' styles, as we believe there are strong attributes and proponents of both styles! We have also found that combining the two styles can result in some absolutely beautiful and outstanding pups that grow to be some of the finest examples of Labradors available! Our Labradors are healthy, beautiful, extremely intelligent and very loved. We have Labradors of nearly every color available, including the dilute-factor colors of silver, charcoal and champagne.

"Dilute" factors

Traditionally, Labradors came in one of three colors - black, yellow, or chocolate. There is also a recessive gene called the "dilute factor" that can directly affect the dog's coat color. When the recessive gene is paired with a another recessive gene, the recessive becomes dominant. Where the dog is chocolate, the coat color becomes silver; black becomes charcoal; and yellow becomes champagne. Far and away, the most easily recognized is the silver coat. It literally turns heads in public. When a dog merely carries the recessive gene, it is said to be "silver-factored," meaning that it can produce dilute-factored or dilute-colored puppies with the right pairing, even though its coat color is one of the traditional BYC (black, yellow or chocolate) colors. The AKC (American Kennel Club) recognizes the dilute-colored dogs as one of the three colors of black, brown, or yellow because that is the underlying genetic code, i.e., you cannot get a silver lab without the basic DNA component making it a chocolate.

 All Dandee Lines sires, dams, and puppies are proudly registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC).